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Victor Carl Books by William Lashner


It’s been years since we’ve seen Victor Carl and in all that time he has learned nothing.

At a low point in his lowly legal career, Victor finds himself skulking through the streets of Philadelphia hauling a suitcase full of money for a powerful congressman. It is a rotten job on the wrong side of anyone’s line, but with bag in hand Victor is suddenly hobnobbing with the city’s elite and filling his bank accounts. Victor begins to think he’s got a future in the political game, until one of his payoffs ends up in the pocket of a dead woman and Victor goes from bagman to fall guy. read more

A Killer's Kiss

You want to know what deceit tastes like? It’s sweet. Like honey. Charged with electricity. Laced with amnesia. It’s why adultery will never go out of fashion, why sincerity fails, why sex with strangers is more fun than ever it ought to be. It is the very taste of old love reclaimed, which might be the sweetest deceit of all. read more

Marked Man

All Victor Carl knows is that he’s just woken up with his suit in tatters, his socks missing, and a stinging pain in his chest thanks to a new tattoo he doesn’t remember getting: a heart inscribed with the name Chantal Adair. read more

Falls the Shadow

A beautiful young woman is dead, her husband convicted of the grisly murder. In seeking his acquittal, defense attorney Victor Carl must confront not only a determined prosecutor and a police detective who might have set up his client but also a strange dentist named Bob. read more

Past Due

It means something to be a client. It means he gets my loyalty, whether he deserves it or not. It means he gets my absolute best for the price of an hourly fee. It means in a world where every person has turned against him there is one person who will fight by his side for as long as there is a battle to be fought. -- Victor Carl read more

Fatal Flaw

With his two previous legal thrillers, William Lashner won the favor of critics and readers nationwide. Now the acclaimed author of HOSTILE WITNESS and BITTER TRUTH is back with the novel of the season --- a sizzling tale of murder, innocence and justice. read more

Bitter Truth

Used to defending an unpleasant parade of mob enforcers, two-bit hoods and other riffraff, Victor Carl -- lawyer, loser and hapless hero of HOSTILE WITNESS -- has a new case. A terrified young woman has offered him an unusual yet substantial proposition: to prove that the recent suicide of Philadelphia heiress Jacqueline Shaw was not a suicide at all, but murder. read more

Hostile Witness

Victor Carl is sick of his loser life. After six thankless years hanging on to his sinking private law practice, the debts are king-size, a partner has flown the coop, his photocopier is broken, and his dream of posh digs in one of Philadelphia's exclusive firms is as unlikely as brotherly love. read more