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Hostile Witness by William Lashner

Hostile Witness


Victor Carl is sick of his loser life. After six thankless years hanging on to his sinking private law practice, the debts are king-size, a partner has flown the coop, his photocopier is broken, and his dream of posh digs in one of Philadelphia's exclusive firms is as unlikely as brotherly love.

Enter William Prescott III. He is a high-powered attorney who has everything that Victor wants. Prescott, though, needs Victor's help representing Councilman Jimmy Moore's aide who is accused of extortion, arson and murder. All Victor has to do is follow Prescott's lead and he'll have every success he's ever wanted. Millionaire clients will storm his doors, hefty retainers will fatten his wallet, and beautiful women will be his for the asking. There's only one problem: Victor has an undeniable need to play the game his way.