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Guaranteed Heroes by William Lashner

Guaranteed Heroes

"One of the most intriguing tales in his decades-long career. . . . A chilling vision of a post-apocalyptic America, . . . populated with all-too-human characters forced to confront timeless challenges that will surely resonate with readers . . . From a familiar-but-transformed world to relatable characters to fundamental questions about freedom and humanity, GUARANTEED HEROES looks to be Lashner's most ambitious title yet.."
-The Big Thrill

"Watching as Moonis and Clyde make their epic trek into the wasted terrain known as the D-Lands is reminiscent of many other works of fiction that involve dangerous quests. The difference here is recognizing the fine line between heroism and having a death wish . . . A compelling and unique novel [with] influences like Louis Armstrong, Janis Joplin and Dashiell Hammett."


"Mix of dystopia and western adventure from Lashner (Bagmen). . . . (has) the feel of an old-fashioned pulp novel."

-Publishers Weekly