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Guaranteed Heroes by William Lashner

Guaranteed Heroes


In a nation still recovering from nuclear tragedy, Clyde Sparrow is working a dead-end guaranteed job in Chicago, and Moonis Fell is incarcerated in a Labor Camp for the Malcontented. But when Moonis's sister, Cecily, goes missing, the old friends escape their prisons to search for her in post-fallout America.

Moonis and Clyde follow Cecily's trail until it leads them into the atomic-ravaged heart of the Midwest, an outlaw territory of dark legends and darker truths, governed by a ruthless barbarian named Raden.

But along with menace and death, this poisoned wasteland contains the possibility of a freedom beyond imagination - if only Moonis and Clyde, and the misfits who join their quest, can find the heroism to grab hold of it.

But they better hurry, because the Homeland Guard has a different idea and it is coming.