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Freedom Road by William Lashner

Freedom Road


Fifty years after the epic night in 1968 that forever changed his life, Oliver Cross is fresh out of jail, passing his final days in a bitter stew of prescription pills, back pain, and regret. But when he learns his granddaughter has vanished -- a wild-child who reminds him of his dead wife, bless her hell-raising heart -- Oliver jumps parole and hits the blacktop to find his granddaughter and bring her home.

Running from his parole officer and a Russian drug lord, Oliver races across America with a sketchy teen and an abandoned dog on a road trip fueled by the diesel fumes of a Ford F-250, the voice of his dead wife, and his own raging disappointments. It is a journey that can only end in redemption or a hail of bullets, and Oliver is hoping for the bullets because the one thing he doesn't want in this foul piece of world is anything reeking of redemption.