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A Filthy Business by William Lashner

A Filthy Business


Good intentions: they'll bite you every time.

A lifetime ago, brutally efficient fixer Phil Kubiak coldly cleaned up the messes of shady clients from Miami to Las Vegas by any means necessary - short of murder.

Now he's one eye and one working leg short of the man he used to be, scarred beyond recognition, and with the feds and criminal organizations in hot pursuit. Throwing back sour beer in a dingy bar, Phil recounts the long story of his bitter life to the only person left to listen...

Across the splintery table, a journalist in pursuit of a career-making interview has driven into the bowels of the desert, seeking not only an award-winning profile but also something more... something darker.

Will what she sees in Phil's empty gaze spur her toward forgiveness - or vengeance?