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Blood and Bone by William Lashner

Blood and Bone


For a son, every funeral before his father’s death is a rehearsal and every funeral thereafter is a memorial.

Kyle Byrne, the illegitimate son of a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, had to sneak into his father’s funeral when he was fourteen years old.  Twelve years later, his father’s death still casts a shadow upon his heart.

Now amiable and handsome, Kyle finds himself drifting through a life of slack.  With his house in foreclosure and his part-time job lost, he spends his days playing X-box and his nights in Philly bars, drinking way too much and sleeping with the wrong type of women.  Life is, well, actually pretty damn sweet.

But when his father’s former law partner is brutally murdered, the cops see Kyle as a possible suspect and start asking uncomfortable questions about his father’s death. And after a strange encounter with one of his father’s former clients, Kyle enters into a search for answers that leads from his father’s past to the highest pinnacles of power--and forces Kyle to lay bare the deceptions and losses in his own life.

Just when it seems he’s close to learning the truth about his father and the murder, Kyle is reminded of that old adage, “be careful what you wish for.”  Because Kyle Byrne’s most fervent wish is suddenly about to come true, with a vengeance.