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The Barkeep by William Lashner

The Barkeep


Digital Book World:  #1 Best-Selling Ebook

"THE BARKEEP is beautifully written....On my “Best Of” list for 2014...this stand-alone work cements [Lashner’s]  deserved place in the constellation of master thriller authors".


"Crazy twists and turns...Throw in a bizarre romance, even a bro-mance (not how you are thinking – but a kind of twistedly sweet relationship), and this book really has it all.".

My Dog-eared Purpose

"It's so very Zen....The plot twists are almost unbearably real".


"Lashner's storytelling is such that it's easy to get lost in the pages.".

Library Thing

"A good, easy read to curl up with, maybe with a teeny finger of scotch…".

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