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The Barkeep by William Lashner


"If they gave a Pulitzer Prize for snappy dialogue, William Lashner would be a betting favorite every time...Lashner has a talent for creating memorable characters - or maybe caricatures would be a better word. Either way, they're a lot of fun. He introduces Victor to a group of bagmen who in another era would have done Damon Runyan proud...So sad to read about in the paper, so much fun to read about in Bagmen."
-Philadelphia Enquirer

*Starred Review* "Lashner brilliantly mixes anger and humor in his eighth novel featuring sad-sack lawyer Victor Carl. . . . The plot itself is admirably taut, but readers will delight most in watching Victor’s savagely hilarious struggle against his better nature."

-Publisher’s Weekly

One of the rare crime novels that convey a little-known truth: moving through glittering rooms full of wealthy, beautiful people with shark edges can be really tiresome.... Carl turns conversations into vaudeville routines, with the world his straight man... , very funny. ... An entertaining, thoughtful read.