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The Barkeep by William Lashner



It’s been years since we’ve seen Victor Carl and in all that time he has learned nothing.

At a low point in his lowly legal career, Victor finds himself skulking through the streets of Philadelphia hauling a suitcase full of money for a powerful congressman. It is a rotten job on the wrong side of anyone’s line, but with bag in hand Victor is suddenly hobnobbing with the city’s elite and filling his bank accounts. Victor begins to think he’s got a future in the political game, until one of his payoffs ends up in the pocket of a dead woman and Victor goes from bagman to fall guy.

Victor’s only way out might lie with a  brotherhood of shady characters, sporting sacks full of cash, bad fedoras, and their own set of rules, the firmest of which is: Never Buck the Big Butter.  But when the Big Butter, with unlimited currency and power, decides that Victor is in every way dispensable, Victor doesn’t any longer know who to trust.

Will Victor’s fellow bagmen help him find a killer or follow their own sacred rules and bury him deep?